School Rugby

AURugby is committed to growing Rugby Union in South Australia. We think it’s the best sport for teaching teamwork, discipline and inclusivity.

Unlike other sports, Rugby Union has a place for all shapes and sizes:
Slow but strong? Small and speedy? Lanky and Light? Not only does Rugby Union have a place for you, it has a role that you can do better than anyone else!

AURugby can come to your school to teach kids (and teachers) about Rugby Union for FREE.
From Junior Primary through to Year 12, AURugby provides fully-qualified and enthusiastic coaches to run programs in a fun and safe environment.
Teachers can observe, join in or do something else- It’s your choice!
To arrange a program, just contact us at

Below are three of our standard options: We understand time can be short in schools so we are flexible. If you’d like to get us in to try something different- don’t hesitate to let us know.

“Game on”

PRIMARY  SCHOOL: 1 lesson per cohort/per week

Game On is a 5-6 week primary program where we engage kids in rugby-related games developing rugby-related skills.
Kids learn individual and team skills, culminating in playing a game of non-contact touch rugby.

It’s easy, inclusive and above all, fun!

“RUGBY 101”


Rugby Union 101 is a 3-4 week high-school program where we teach students all the basic aspects of the game.
Kids learn individual and team skills, culminating in a contact rugby game/tournament.

We teach teamwork, discipline and inclusivity in a safe and fun environment.



This is a one-off morning or Day session where we introduce kids to the key concepts of Rugby Union.
Kids learn the basics of ball-running, passing, scrums, rucks and lineouts.
It’s quick, easy and fun!