Junior Rugby

At AURugby, we think Rugby Union is the best sport for teaching kids teamwork, discipline and inclusive values.
Unlike other sports, Rugby Union has a place for all shapes and sizes:
Slow but strong? Small and speedy? Lanky and Light? Not only does Rugby Union have a place for you, it has a role that you can do better than anyone else!

At AURugby, our seniors are known as “The Blacks”, our Juniors follow in this tradition, and are known as “The Short-Blacks” and “The Tall-Blacks”. If you’d like to get involved, contact us- shortblacks@AURugby.com.au



(U7, U8, U10, U12)

Boys and girls participate in mixed gender teams up to and including the year in which they turn 12.
At short-blacks level, the game is modified appropriate to age.
Kids play on a smaller field, with a smaller ball and have fewer players on the field at any one time.
They also have modified rules for lineouts (no lifting), scrums (no pushing) and tackling (Under-7s use Tagging- a two handed touch on the shorts only).
All of these rules are there to ensure safety, encourage skills acquisition and make the game fun for all.


b Tall blacks blackTHE TALL BLACKS

(U14, U16, & U18)

In this age grouping the focus starts to shift from pure fun to higher order skills and teamwork.
Game Rules are still modified (scrums can push and players may be lifted in the lineout) but Tall-Blacks are playing a much more similar game to that of the senior players- full teams of 15, full rucks and mauls.
At the Tall-Blacks level, training becomes more intense with twice weekly training sessions and a longer preseason.
Safety is of paramount importance in all grades with a strong emphasis on quality coaching and personal mentoring.