AURugby Structure

AURugby Constitution:

The AURugby Constitution is the key governing document for the club. It defines key club processes and structures.
Full document here: AURugby Constitution


The Strategic Plan defines the direction and aims of the club in the medium term.
At the start of each year both the Junior and Senior committees are to create an operational plan based on this.
Full document here: Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Committee roles:


The President’s primary responsibility is to to oversee the club’s long-term direction and be the club’s representative with all outside organisations including SARU. They will also work closely with the Marketing & Recruitment Officer and Secretary to oversee club correspondence/marketing etc. They are to be the final arbiter in disputes and are to build club accountability by ensuring all club staff are performing their function adequately. Full description here: Role – President


The Secretary supports the club by recording and making public all club documentation including committee minutes. They are also to oversee all club communications in an integrated fashion. Full description here: Role – Secretary

Marketing & Recruitment Officer:

The Recruitment/Marketing Officer supports the club by overseeing all recruitment activities. Each year, they are to devise and execute recruitment/marketing strategies for the club. The majority of the their job is to be in place before the start of the season. After this, they are to revert to a general committee member in support of the president. Full description here: Role – RecruitmentMarketing Officer


The Vice-President’s aim is to support the club by overseeing the day to day running of the grounds and clubrooms. They are to support and coordinate all volunteers to ensure game day and trainings run smoothly as well as maintaining the grounds & clubrooms. They are to learn the club president’s role (See President)and ensure that roles are filled in the event of an unavailable President. Full description here: Role – Vice President


The Treasurer’s role is to oversee all club financial matters. They are to issue, distribute and track all spending/bank cards/invoices. They are to work closely with a bar manager to oversee the clubroom’s main forms of income including the bar and food. Full description here: Role – Treasurer

Fundraising Officer:

The sponsorships/fundraising co-ordinator supports the club by overseeing all fundraising activities. They are to devise fundraising strategy, negotiate sponsorships, apply for grants, collect funds and ensure sponsors are being supported. This may include procuring items for the club in accordance with sponsorship agreements (branded equipment, Jerseys etc). The majority of their job is to be done preseason. After this, they are to revert to a general committee member in support of the vice-president. Full description here: Role – Fundraising Officer

Club Captain:

The Club Captain is a key leader within the club. They represent the players on both the Committee and within the Rugby SubCommittee. They devise a social calendar and oversee club social events (including post-game presentations). They understand and uphold club traditions, culture and values. Full description here: Role – Club Captain


The Registrar supports the club by overseeing all membership and record-keeping matters. They are to ensure RugbyLink is accurately updated and club fees are paid by members. They are to maintain and update a database that tracks players games/statistics etc in order to recognise player contributions/milestones. Full description here: Role – Registrar

Junior Representative:

Role – Junior Coordinator

Director of Rugby:

The DOR supports The Committee by overseeing the Rugby department/subcommittee. They support the coaches and staff by providing long term strategic direction and support the players by designing and implementing development programs. They are to make sure that leadership roles are being fulfilled and oversee/support team managers, ensuring that coaches can coach and players can play. Full description here: Role – Director of Rugby

COMMITTEE Structure:

The AURugby Committee is broken into Subcommittees. The Subcommittees are to oversee distinct areas. Each is to contribute to an operational plan (a yearly plan based on the strategic plan) at the start of their tenure, and their performance is to be evaluated based on this.

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